Owner F.A.Q.’s

Some of our most frequently asked questions.

General Info

What Are Royalties?

Royalties Are The Mineral Owner’s Proportionate Share Of Production As Reserved In An Oil And Gas Lease.

I Have A Question About My Royalty Check. Whom Do I Contact?

Please Contact Blackbeard’s Division Order Department.

What Is A Division Order?

A Division Order Is A Document Blackbeard Operating Issues That Describes The Property, The Operator, The Legal Description, The Owner’s Remittance Address And Tax ID Information, If Known, As Well As The Owner’s Decimal Interest In The Property. The Owner Is Asked To Sign And Return The Division Order. Blackbeard Uses This Information To Remit Proceeds To The Owner If Blackbeard Has The Disbursement Responsibility.

What Is The Purpose Of My Owner Number?

Your Owner Number Is Specific To You And Is Tied To Every Blackbeard Well Connected To You. Always Use Your Owner Number When Corresponding With Blackbeard.


How Do I Transfer My Interest In A Property?

Forward a recorded deed or instrument of conveyance to Blackbeard’s Division Order Department through email or mail.

See the Ownership Change page for additional information.

What Happens If I Change My Address Or Name?

For Your Protection, Changes Are Not Accepted By Telephone And Must Be Submitted In Writing.

Blackbeard Offers Change Of Address Submissions Through Energylink Which Is The Most Efficient Way To Submit A Request. 

Address Change

Alternatively, Address Changes Can Be Submitted Using The Change of Address Form Found On The Forms & Documents Page. Please Note A Request For An Address Change Must Include Your Owner Number, Old Address, New Address, Last Four Digits Of Your Social Security Number/Tax Identification Number, And Signature.

For A Name Change, Please Complete The Change Of Name Form Also Found On The Forms & Documents Page And Send A Copy Of The Document Evidencing The Change Such As A Marriage Certificate Or Divorce Decree. Additional Information Can Be Found On The Ownership Change Guide.

What Happens When The Interest Owner Of A Property Dies?

Once Notified, The Deceased Owner’s Revenue Will Be Held In Suspense Until The Proper Heirs/Beneficiaries Can Be Determined. Upon Notifying Blackbeard’s Division Order Department, Blackbeard Will Send You Information Describing What Must Be Provided To Transfer The Interest. Additional Information Can Be Found On The Ownership Change Guide.


Can I Set Up Direct Deposit?

Yes, Blackbeard Offers A Direct Deposit Option For Our Revenue Interest Owners.  Direct Deposit Payments Are Only Available For Accounts Drawn Within The United States. If You Elect To Receive Electronic Payments, You Will No Longer Receive Your Payment Detail By Mail.

Blackbeard Only Accepts Direct Deposit Set Up/Change Requests Through Energylink.

Electronic Payment

Where Can I Find Copies Of My Check Details, JIB Statements, And 1099’S?

Blackbeard hosts our Joint Interest Billings (JIBs), revenue check details, and 2019 forward 1099’s via EnergyLink at www.energylink.com.  You can also access the EnergyLink portal through our main owner relations page.

When Are Royalties Paid?

Once Title Is Cleared, Checks Are Issued Monthly Or When An Account Reaches $100. Checks For Accounts Over $10 But Under $100 Are Issued Once A Year.

What Is The Difference Between A Royalty Owner And A Working Interest Owner?

A Royalty Owner Shares In Production Revenues, While A Working Interest Owner Shares In Both Production Revenues And Development And Operating Expenses.

I Am A Working Interest Owner, Where Can I Send My Joint Interest Billing Payments?

Blackbeard Operating, LLC
PO Box 735023
Dallas, TX 75373-5023

What Type Of Annual Statements Will I Receive?

Royalty Interest Owners Receiving More Than $10 And Working Interest Owners Receiving More Than $600 Annually Receive IRS Form 1099. This Summarizes Your Total Payments And Tax Withholdings For The Previous Year.

What Do I Do If My Check Is Lost Or Becomes Outdated?

Checks Are Stale Dated And Voided After 90 Days.  Funds From Stale Dated Checks Are Placed Back Into Your Account To Be Reissued On The Next Revenue Cycle Or Once Your Account Reaches $100.  If Your Check Is Lost, Please Contact Our Division Order Department So That It Can Be Voided And Reissued On The Next Revenue Cycle Or Once Your Account Reaches $100.  Please Note Blackbeard Is Unable To Void A Check Believed To Be Lost Until 15 Business Days After The Issuance Date.

Why Does My Monthly Payment Sometimes Vary?

Many Factors Contribute To Your Payment, Including: Market Conditions, Fluctuating Commodity Prices, Regulatory Or Contractual Changes, Production Volumes, Seasonal Conditions And Well Downtime.

Why Does My Payment Differ From Others In My Family?

This Occurs Because Ownership Between Family Members Is Not Equal, Because One Party Has Not Provided Blackbeard With A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Or Because Some Family Members May Own Interest In Other Properties In Addition To Those Commonly Owned. Another Reason May Be That One Family Member Did Not Cash Their Check And The Check Was Voided And Re-issued.  This Causes Family Members To Be On A Different Pay Schedule.

Why Are The Decimals On My Division Order And Check Detail Different?

This Occurs Due To Special Marketing Arrangements Or Other Contractual Agreements. The Value Is Still Proportionally Correct.


How Do I Clear The Title To My Mineral Rights? How Long Does It Take?

If Petroleum Can Be Produced In Commercial Quantities On Your Land, It Is Time To Clear The Title To Mineral Rights. First, Our Land Department Must Receive Official Notice Of The First Well Completion. Next, Copies Of The Property’s Records Must Be Obtained By The Abstractor. Then, An Attorney Must Examine Title To All Mineral Rights In The Well And Submit A Title Opinion Reflecting Current Ownership. Lastly, Any Outstanding Questions Are Resolved. This Process Can Take Several Months To Complete.

I Noticed Backup Withholding Was Deducted From My Revenue Check. Why?

Federal Law Requires That We Have A Certified Taxpayer Identification Number (Tin) For The Owner Account. For Individual Owners, Your Tin Is Your Social Security Number. Other Entities Should Provide An Employer Identification Number/Federal Tax Identification Number.

If The Tin Is Either Missing Or Invalid, Blackbeard Is Required To Withhold 24 Percent From Your Payment For Federal Income Taxes.  All Backup Withholding Is Reported On Your 1099 At Year-End, And Is Considered A Payment To The IRS On Your Behalf.  Blackbeard Does Not Issue Refunds For Backup Withholding But Royalty Owners Are Able To Report The Withholding On Their Income Tax Returns At The End Of The Year.

If You Need To Notify Blackbeard Of Your Social Security Number Or Employer Identification Number/Federal Tax Identification Number, Please Do So By Submitting A Form W-9 Which Can Be Found On The Forms And Documents Page.

When Are Royalty Payments Suspended?

For Your Protection, Payments Are Suspended Upon A Title Dispute, The Assignment Of Interest, Notice Of Death, Transfer Of Property, Or In The Event Of No Known Or Bad Address. Keeping Your Information Current Can Prevent This Inconvenience.

Where Can I Obtain Information On The Value Of My Mineral Rights?

Due To The Many Variables Involved In Determining The Estimated Value Of A Property, Blackbeard Does Not Provide Such Valuations.  However, You Can Contact An Independent Business Or Professional Who Offers This Service For Assistance.

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